Gabriel Olafs Releases New Album Orchestral Works

The Icelandic pianist and composer Gabríel Ólafs releases his new album Orchestral Works via Decca Records US. This milestone recording in Ólafs’ career features new orchestral arrangements of works from his solo albums, recorded with the Reykjavik Orkestra and conducted by fellow composer and Deutsche Grammophon recording artist Viktor Orri Árnason.

Orchestral Works celebrates Gabríel Ólafs’ first five years as a recording artist and professional composer. The album was recorded at Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik, Iceland in the days prior to Gabríel’s headline performance at Iceland Airwaves Festival in November 2023. He is accompanied on the album by the Reykjavík Orchestra, which he co-founded two years ago. Thirteen of the compositions are presented here in brand new orchestral arrangements with works drawn from Gabríel’s solo albums Absent Minded, Solon Islandus, and Lullabies for Piano and Cello. Orchestral Works marks a milestone in the evolution of his artistry, adding a fresh twist to postmodern classical music, and his newfound love with the orchestra.
“It’s very much a standalone work based on my best melodies, themes and motifs,” Ólafs says of the album. “I created a new work from them. I followed what made me excited. In my opinion, it’s my best album yet.”

Gabríel’s four studio albums Absent Minded (2019), Piano Works (2020), Solon Islandus (2022), and Lullabies for Piano and Cello (2023) have garnered the young, 25-year-old, composer over 200-million streams to date. His work draws inspiration from Nordic folk traditions, poetry, and film.


  1. Melodia Suite: Absent Minded (Orchestral Works Version)
  2. Melodia Suite: Filma (Orchestral Works Version)
  3. Islandus: Streymir
  4. Islandus: Solon I
  5. Islandus: Solon II
  6. Islandus: Flora I
  7. Islandus: Flora II “The Lily”
  8. Islandus: Flora III
  9. Islandus: The Drifter
  10. Islandus: Raven I “The Croak”
  11. Islandus: Raven II “The Caw”
  12. Fantasía for Cello and Orchestra
  13. Staircase Sonata (Orchestral Works Version)

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